Nathan King

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: MPT, MCISc, FCA MPT
Languages spoken: English,French

My goal is to change lives by equipping others with the knowledge and abilities to help themselves get better.

I feel my role as a health care professional is to work with each patient: to listen to that person’s concerns, learn about what their daily needs are and then work together with a patient to figure out what the best road to recovery is for that particular individual.

I believe strongly in empowering people. I aim to help every patient get over a current episode of pain, and also arm each person with the knowledge and exercises to keep their body strong, efficient and moving in a way that can prevent problems in the future.

I am always interested in learning more, and I love to teach. I have taken some very interesting courses that have broadened my understanding and thinking. I have received certification in advanced manual therapy (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy), the Certificate Level from Sports Physiotherapy Canada and a Medical Professional 3 from the Titleist Performance Institute (golf) and Exercise is Medicine.

In addition to my learning, I have been active in teaching. I was fortunate to have chance to teach at Bishop’s University in exercise science. I co-owned a clinic and took care of the needs of the University’s varsity athletes. I also worked with the Canadian women’s national basketball team and gymnastics Canada. I also used my talents in teaching, fitness and biomechanics to help coach the Bishop’s golf team. I now help out as a lab instructor teaching hands-on skills to the physiotherapy students at Dalhousie University.

I have the bold goal that all of my patients walk out of the clinic feeling inspired and enabled to take control of their bodies and their lives.