Shirley Cameron

Discipline: Massage Therapist
Qualifications: RMT
Languages spoken: English

Shirley graduated from Kikkawa College in 1999 with an education in Swedish Massage. She also has certification in reflexology and neurological integration and structural alignment, (NISA).
She has been practicing massage therapy for 19 years. Her focus is on re-alignment, and Shirley takes pride in listening to the needs of her patients.
Shirley believes that listening to what the patient verbalizes, observing body language and paying attention to the body’s response to touch are her tools to success. This leads to relief and the ability of the patient to resume their life where it was interrupted by pain.
Shirley looks forward to seeing her patients smile from a positive treatment experience. In addition to deep tissue work, Shirley also has a level 1 certification in both Reiki and Crainiosacral massage. Together with the use of Swedish massage, these two modalities offer a much gentler approach in releasing tissue restrictions as well as realigning the mind, body and spirit.
Shirley invites you to call and book your appointment today. She will work together with you to help you achieve optimal health and live life to the fullest.