Sukhbir Sehra

Discipline: Registered Massage Therapist
Languages spoken: English

Sukhbir (Sunny) Singh Sehra is a Registered Massage Therapist(RMT) with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. He completed his Diploma in massage therapy at the National Institute of Massage.

Sunny utilizes manual active release therapy, hot stone massage, cupping therapy, and deep tissue massage to help give his patients their best results. He also specializes in whiplash injuries, tendentious, muscle contractures, pre-post natal txs, Pre & post cast injuries, & Nerve compression injuries.

Sunny believes a massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic. He understands the needs of each and every patient and is able to use his expertise to help deliver the best individualized care possible. Sunny is a big proponent of a healthy and active lifestyle and thus loves to prescribe exercises to his patients. Sunny in his spare time enjoys reading, attending concerts, gardening and engaging in athletic activities.