Vuk Bogunovic

Discipline: Massage Therapist
Qualifications: BSc-HK, R.Kin, RMT.
Languages spoken: English,Bosnian,Serbian,Croatian

As a therapist, Vuk relies on his scientific knowledge, experienced hands and mindful, empathetic character. Always thinking holistically, his goal is to assess the true cause of pain, while providing immediate, soothing relief.
A graduate of the University of Guelph, he holds a BSc in in Human Kinetics and minor in Nutrition. He obtained his Massage Therapy degree from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Vuk has 8 years of hands-on experience with rehabilitation, therapy and personal training. A lifelong athlete, Vuk competed in Track and Field and is an avid adventurer, traveller, outdoorsman and loves being active.
What to expect during your visit: A friendly interview and detailed assessment to determine your unique needs and goals. A logical treatment plan for immediate relief, as well as long-term prevention and maintenance. Vuk’s therapeutic style is based on smooth, soothing movements, while providing deep pressure for lasting relief. If you experience headaches, migraines, radiating pain in the arms or legs, back pain or neck pain, consider booking with Vuk to ease these symptoms and learn how to manage them in the long term.
Vuk loves to empower and educate his patients, so be prepared to learn, move and have a highly engaging therapeutic experience!